At Merck, we believe that no one should go without the medicines or vaccines they need.

That is why the company provides certain medicines and adult vaccines for free to people who do not have prescription drug or health insurance coverage and who, without our assistance, cannot afford their Merck medicines and vaccines. This is consistent with Merck's long-held values and traditions of putting patients first. Merck created our first US Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to keep affordable medicines within patients' reach. Today, our patient assistance offerings include several programs.

Programs for Individuals

Read about the programs that may be applicable to you.

Merck reserves the right to change or discontinue a program at any time.

Products distributed through the Merck Patient Assistance Programs are free of charge to all eligible patients. Merck is not associated with any individuals or organizations that may charge patients a fee to assist them in completing applications for our program. These individuals or organizations are acting independently of Merck, and do not have Merck's consent.

To report an adverse experience with a specific Merck medicine, please call the Merck National Service Center at 800-444-2080.


Merck is a proud participant in the Medicine Assistance Tool that helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need through the program that is right for them.

For more information on the Medicine Assistance Tool, please visit

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

If you are enrolled in Medicare, you are eligible to enroll in the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Program. Learn More